Friday 9 July 2010

A Sewing Machine brings Hope

July 2010:It is 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Saidi Selemani, emerges from his small dark house in Bangwe, one of the poorest townships in the city of Blantyre. He is smiling widely. Two children aged between nine and eleven are playing outside his house. He has come home to welcome them back from school and then collect sewing materials for his business at the nearby market.
His shop is full with customers, on the wall there are new clothes he made. His welcome demonstrates pride and joy in his family achievement.
Saidi lost his wife four years ago and he has struggled to raise the children as a single parent. Only a year ago, Saidi’s two children, Betty and Flossy were begging on the streets of Blantyre because there was no food at home. During its street outreach, a Chimwemwe volunteer met Betty and Flossy and befriended them. After spending time with the children, a visit was made to their family. After exploring different ways on how the girls would be helped to live at home and go to school, Saidi asked if Chimwemwe would help him by getting him a sewing machine.

The donation from the Rotarians in the Howe of Fife, allowed a sewing machine to be bought and given to the family. Saidi is very thrilled that finally he is able to feed his family, and also that his two daughters are now back into school and attending classes regularly. Chimwemwe is also very pleased because it is benefiting from the sewing machine as Saidi is helping us in making other children’s school uniforms.
Now, Saidi, 40 years old is living a transformed life through Chimwemwe’s support. The daughters are now back into school and Saidi provides for the family through his business of sewing clothes.
“I am proud that my children are now back in school. I know they have a bright future. Thank you to Chimwemwe for helping me to meet my family’s needs.”