Saturday 9 January 2010

Donation from the Rotary Club of The Howe of Fife

January 2010: Members of the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife have presented £500 to Dr Amanda Fleet for Chimwemwe Children’s Centre. Dr Fleet was first made aware of the project with the street children in January 2009 and helped to set up Chimwemwe Children's Centre in the same year. She has already donated a bicycle to the centre, which enables Chimwemwe project co-ordinator, Macdonald Nkhutabasa, to make quicker contact with the street children than he would be able to do on foot.
“I am delighted with this extremely generous donation from the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife,” Amanda says, “Which will go towards school fees, shelter and food for some of the young people.”
In turn, President Dennis Beattie praised the work of the project, and hoped that the donation would be of benefit.